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  1. Read the text and pay attention to highlighted words


Belarus has a lot of different industries that develop its economy. Things like big machines, chemicals, and equipment for farming are made by our plants. Belarus is known for making tractors, trucks, and other heavy machinery. The country’s machinery plants play a crucial role in national and international markets.

In our country chemical industry also produces fertilizers (удобрения), plastics, and synthetic fibers. These goods are essential for agriculture and manufacturing industries.

Lots of different foods from things like milk, meat, fruits and vegetables are made in our country. There are special places called food processing plants where these foods are turned into products we can eat, like cheese, milk, condensed milk confectionary and meat products. Belarus is known for making dairy products and also preserving fruits and veggies to keep them fresh for a longer time. People in Belarus not only consume these foods, but they also sell them to other countries. So our food processing industry makes delicious products to eat and also helps the country share its products with the world.

Belarus makes more than just machines and food! They also create furniture like chairs and tables, fun toys for kids to play with, beauty products like creams and makeup cosmetics, clothes, leather items such as bags, wallets and also watches we wear every day.

Do you know …

  1. … that the first passenger car was produced at the “BELGI” plant in 2017?
  2. … that “BelAZ” produced the largest dump truck in the world in 2014? Its height is 8.7 meters and its load capacity is 500 tons.
  3. … that the history of “Kommunarka” began on February 15, 1905? It was a coffee shop with confectionery products.
  4. … that World of Tanks is a famous computer game created by the

Belarusian company Wargaming?

  1. … that the Viber application was also created in Belarus?
  2. … that baking, dairy and fruit and vegetable industries are located in most regional centers?
  3. … that the first Belarusian shopping center was opened in December 2023? Its area is 21000 sq. m. It has 3 floors, 133 retail facilities, personal services and catering services. There are only Belarusian brands. On the first ground there is Minsk, on the second – Mogilev and Vitebsk regions, on the third – Brest, Gomel and Grodno regions.
  4. … that one of the “Luch” watch collection was sold out in three hours? It

was limited collection in honor of the 65th anniversary of the plant. The most unusual thing is the transparent back cover. You can see how the mechanism works.

  1. … about the existence of a Belarusian book of records? Here you can find some records like the biggest glazed curds, the heaviest ice cream, the biggest meat patty and others produced by our plants. You can also register your record.

To sum it up, Belarus is like a busy workshop creating all sorts of things! Whether it's powerful machines, tasty food, comfy furniture, fun toys, beauty products, or stylish clothes. This variety not only supports the people in Belarus but also lets them share their cool stuff with others around the world. It's a mix of hard work, creativity of Belarusian people, making our industries a vibrant part of the global market.


  1. Match the English terms with their Russian equivalents

1. plants 

A. кондитерские изделия

2. machinery plants 

B. консервация

3. food processing plants 

C. предприятия пищевой промышленности

4. confectionary 

D. машиностроительные заводы

5. preserving 

E. мастерская

6. workshop 

F. сгущенное молоко

7. condensed milk 

G. заводы, предприятия


  1. Create new words and translate them


Model: Glass + plant - стеклозавод

Roofing (кровельный), bread, chocolate, perfume, cosmetics, household appliances (бытовая техника), machinery.

Model: Milk + processing + plant – завод по переработке молока

Meat, wood, grain, metal, vegetable.


  1. Where can be these things produced?


Model: 1. Bread, bakery products and confectionery are produced there.

Bread, bakery products and confectionary are produced by a bread plant.


  1. This plant produces butter, cottage cheese, glazed cheese curds, chocolate glaze, milk powder, cheese, condensed milk.
  2. The plant produces products for laundry, dishwashing and personal hygiene.
  3. Refrigerators, freezers and washing machines are produced there.
  4. The plant produces materials for roof.
  5. The plant produces glass jars and bottles.
  6. Tractors and dump trucks are manufactured here.


  1. Continue the following sentences:


  1. … are made by our plants.
  2. Belarus is known for making …
  3. There are special places called food processing plants where …
  4. Preserving fruits and vegetables helps …
  5. This variety not only supports the people in Belarus but …


  1. Answer the questions:


  1. When and where was the first Belarusian passenger car produced?
  2. What plant produced the largest dump truck?
  3. What plant used to be a coffee shop with confectionery products?
  4. What do you know about the first Belarusian shopping center?
  5. What industries are located in most regional centers?
  6. Can you remember the other interesting facts from the text?


  1. Can you answer what these factories produce?


Help box: Glasses, refrigerators, bicycles, boots, confectionery, passenger cars, jewelry, ice cream, clothes, sneakers, furniture, toys, dump trucks, wine and champagne glasses, washing machines, trousers


  2. ZIKO
  3. Marko, Belwest
  4. NEMAN
  5. Spartak, Kommunarka
  6. INGMAN (Jattis)
  7. Pinskdrev
  8. Polesie, Fancy
  9. Svitanok, 8 Marta, Comintern
  10. BelAZ
  11. BELGI
  12. AIST


  1. Tell a short speech according to the following plan:


  1. Belarus has a lot of different industries
  2. Belarus is known for
  3. Food processing plants
  4. Preserving
  5. Interesting facts
  6. Workshop