A set of exercises for vocabulary practice

Exercises for English hockey vocabulary practice

Exercise 1. Matching

Match the English hockey term with its Russian translation .

1) Goalie           a) Защитник

2) Puck              b) Клюшка

3) Penalty          c) Шайба

4) Defenseman  d) Голкипер

5) Stick              e)Штраф

Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks

 Complete the sentences with the appropriate English hockey vocabulary word.

1) The ___________ is a small  flat disc used in hockey.

2) The player who guards the net is called the ___________.

3) A ___________ occurs when a player breaks the rules, and they must leave the ice for a specified time.

4) The player responsible for protecting the team's goal is the ___________.

5) Each player on the ice carries a ___________ to handle the puck.

Exercise 3. Multiple choice

Choose the correct English hockey term for each definition.

1) The act of shooting the puck into the opponent's net is called:

  1. a) Goal
  2. b) Assist
  3. c) Faceoff

2) The area where players sit when they receive a penalty is called the:

  1. a) Penalty box
  2. b) Bench
  3. c) Crease

3) The action of using physical force to take the puck away from an opponent is known as:

  1. a) Penalty
  2. b) Checking
  3. c) Slapshot

4) A shot that narrowly misses the net and hits the protective glass or boards is called:

  1. a) Slapshot
  2. b) Wrist shot
  3. c) Dump-in

5) The act of deliberately shooting the puck from one end of the ice to the other without any intention of scoring  in order to relieve pressure is called:

  1. a) Offside
  2. b) Icing
  3. c) Clearing

6) The designated area in front of the goal, where players try to screen the goalie and obstruct their view, is called the:

  1. a) Slot
  2. b) Neutral zone
  3. c) Forecheck

Exercise 4. Sentence completion

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate English hockey vocabulary word.

1) The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the ___________.

2) The team scored a ___________ in the final minute to win the game.

3) The player received a ___________ for high-sticking.

4) The ___________ made a spectacular save to keep the puck out of the net.

5) The coach called a ___________ to discuss strategy during the game.

Exercise 5. Word scramble

Unscramble the letters to form English hockey vocabulary words.

1) niregw

2) eilaog

3) emittou

4) kscit

5) namnceefed

Exercise 6. True or false

 Determine whether the following statements are true or false.

1) The blue line in hockey marks the center of the rink.

2) The Zamboni is a machine used to clean and resurface the ice.

3) Icing occurs when a player shoots the puck over the opposing team's goal line from behind the center line.

4) A hat trick is when a player scores three goals in a single game.

5) The power play is a situation where one team has more players on the ice due to a penalty.

Exercise 7. Sentence formation

Construct sentences using the given English hockey vocabulary words.

1) Power play

2) Faceoff

3) Slapshot

4) Overtime

5) Checking

Exercise 8. Definitions

Match the English hockey term with its corresponding definition.

1) Assist               a. The act of stopping an opponent by physical contact.

2) Crease             b. A player who plays on the side of the ice rink, usually positioned on the left or right side of the centre.

3) Winger             c. A pass that leads to a teammate scoring a goal.

4) Breakaway       d. A situation where a player gets past all the opponents and has  a clear path towards the opposing team's goal.

5) Body check       e. The marked area in front of the goal where the goalie stands.

Exercise 9. Word associations

Match the English hockey term on the left with the word or phrase that is most closely associated with it on the right.

1) Hat trick       a. Ice rink

2) Power play   b. Referee

3) Slashing        c. Three goals

4) Rink              d. Penalty

5) Linesman      e. Man advantage

 Exercise 10. Fill in the blanks

Complete the sentences with the appropriate English hockey vocabulary word.

1) The ___________ is responsible for dropping the puck at the beginning of each period.

2) ___________ occurs when a player intentionally hits an opponent with their stick.

3) The ___________ is the area where the game is played, surrounded by boards and glass.

4) A ___________ is a situation in which neither team has scored more goals than the other during regulation time.

5) During a ___________, a team has more players on the ice due to a penalty against the opposing team.


Exercise 1: 1-d, 2-c, 3-e, 4-a, 5-b

Exercise 2: 1-Puck, 2-Goalie, 3-Penalty, 4-Defenseman, 5-Stick

Exercise 3: 1-a, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c, 5-b, 6-a

Exercise 4: 1-period, 2-goal, 3-penalty, 4-goalie, 5-timeout

Exercise 5: 1.winger, 2. goalie, 3. timeout, 4. stick, 5.defenseman

Exercise 6: 1. False, 2. True, 3. False, 4. True, 5. True

Exercise 7: Sample sentences:

1) The team capitalized on the power play and scored a goal.

2) The referee dropped the puck for the faceoff at center ice.

3) The player took a powerful slapshot from the blue line.

4) The game went into overtime after a tied score in regulation.

5) The defenseman delivered a strong body check to the opposing forward.

Exercise 8: 1-c, 2-e, 3-b, 4-d, 5-a

Exercise 9: 1-c, 2-e, 3-d, 4-a, 5-b

Exercise 10: 1-referee, 2-Slashing, 3-Rink, 4-tie, 5-power play